2021 Raffle - Rules

Historic'One is organizing a promotional operation intended to receive customer feedback on the various items offered in our shop.
  • The email address of each customer leaving a review for an item will be added to a list that will be used for the final draw.
  • Each written comment opens the right to an entry for the draw. A customer leaving several comments will therefore have several chances of winning.
  • The nature of the comment or the score obtained has no effect on participation in the draw.
  • People affiliated with Historic'One cannot participate in the raffle.
  • There will be 2 draws: One for comments left in French and one for comments in English.
  • The draw will be carried out using a random formula with Excel software.
  • The draw will take place the week of January 2, 2022. Participants will be invited to join a Zoom teleconference if they wish to attend the draw live and will also be able to ask questions to Buxeria.
  • The two winners will each receive a free copy of the DIEX AÏE 2 game which should be released in early 2022. Shipping costs are free.