Guiscard 2 is around the corner!

Guiscard is a game released 8 years ago in 2013 and now out of print. He had revived interest in the Cry Havoc series, medieval skirmish games created in the 80s by Gary Chalk, a professional illustrator, who had imposed a graphic style that exceeded anything that existed at the time in terms of playing maps and counters, and which is still unmatched today. Buxeria is passionate about this series and he has given a new life to this playful universe by offering 5 games on the theme of the Norman Saga, to simulate the various conquests of these descendants of Vikings in the 11th and 12th centuries, whether in Italy, in England or the Middle East. 

Guiscard was following in the footsteps of Robert Guiscard, a destitute younger brother who arrived in Italy from his native Normandy in the middle of the 11th century. In a few years he carved out an empire covering southern Italy and Sicily and even going so far as to threaten the Emperor of Constantinople!

The Guiscard game was a commercial success and demand was high to reprint it. Rather than releasing the same game, we decided to come up with a vastly revamped version, with many new and even better looking counters printed on strong cardboard, a new tactical map, improved rules, new scenarios and a campaign game. After one year of work, we think we will be able to release the new game in June 2021. A little more patience.  

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