The Cave-Fortress: A new map for the games of the Cry Havoc series.

Here is a new map which is not lacking in interest: the theme of fortified caves is not very popular, but I have chosen to represent the most famous one: the cave of El Habis Jaldak, on the side of a cliff overlooking the Yarmuk River in Jordan on the Land of Sueth, a territory east of Lake Tiberias and which was much disputed in the 12th century. 

The map forms an interesting link between the usual terrain maps of Cry Havoc and the underground maps of the DRAGON NOIR 1 & 2 games produced by Eurogames in the 90's.

The map is available with a small 4-page leaflet (in English or in French) which presents the history of the cave, a description of the different elements and 2 playable scenarios with MONTGISARD counters. 

The map is available for purchase right now.

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